Paul Joseph DALLY 28/4/2022

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Paul Joseph DALLY

Hearing: 28 April 2022

at Auckland Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board: Sir Ron Young - Chairperson

Ms M Kleist

Ms Tiumalu

Dr J Skipworth

In Attendance: [withheld] – Case Manager

Counsel: Ms L Smith


  1. Mr Dally was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1990.  He is 61 years of age.  He had four pages of convictions prior to that, some violence, mostly shortly before the murder and some property offending.
  2. We last saw him in May 2021.  At that stage, he had completed all of his rehabilitation and was looking towards reintegrative process.  We indicated we would not be happy with a release to [withheld] accommodation.  Some concern about [withheld] were then being undertaken.
  3. It turns out that Mr Dally has a [withheld].
  4. As to the way forward, the psychological report indicated that it was not appropriate for them to make a further assessment as to the appropriate reintegrative proposals because of the [withheld].
  5. The Parole Assessment Report suggested it would be useful once it is clear what Mr Dally’s prognosis is that there be a multidisciplinary team meeting to identify an appropriate way forward.  We support that proposal.  We think the way forward now is as follows:  Firstly, understanding Mr Dally’s physical health is an important prerequisite to any further planning.  [withheld] then we think the process that we identified previously is the way forward, that Mr Dally then begin a reintegrative process, perhaps then being released into self-care with increasingly liberal situations to test him in those situations. This may include release to work.
  6. In the longer term we will need to consider appropriate accommodation.  There is no reason why efforts cannot be made now to see what accommodation may be available for him.  We do think it will be a difficult issue identifying suitable accommodation because of the publicity surrounding Mr Dally’s conviction for murder.
  7. We mention the issue of [withheld].  There was some concern about the time that Mr Dally was [withheld].  That seems unlikely.  It may well be that the vulnerability caused by a huge weight loss associated with [withheld] and a worry and confusion regarding [withheld].  But his lawyer, Mr Dally, as well as his case manager and his PCO have all said they see no reason to suppose he is [withheld] and certainly Mr Dally spoken competently and confidently to us today.
  8. And so, we have identified a way forward for Mr Dally, assuming that he does get a [withheld].  If that is not the case then, of course, different issues will come into play and we will need to reconsider the way forward for him.
  9. In the meantime, he remains an undue risk.  We will see him again by the end of March 2023.

Sir Ron Young