Quintin Frances CORKERY 10/5/2022

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Department of Corrections


Quintin Frances CORKERY


10 May 2022

At Otago Correction Facility via Microsoft Teams

Members of the Board:

Ms M. More - Panel Convenor

Mr C. King

Assoc Prof K. Quince

In attendance: [withheld] - Case Manager

In Support:





  1. Quintin Frances Corkery is 37, he makes his second appearance before the Board on a sentence of three years six months for cultivating and selling cannabis. The judge referred to a large-scale sophisticated cultivation of cannabis for commercial ends, Mr Corkery rented two addresses in Dunedin specifically to grow cannabis in.
  2. Mr Corkery has been offending since he was 18, it includes but is not limited to a number of convictions for non-compliance with community-based sentences, non-compliance with having a driver's licence, driving while under the influence of drink/drug, possession of an offensive weapon, burglaries, other property related offending and other offending.
  3. Mr Corkery has a RoC*Rol of .29402, he has two years and one month remaining on his sentence. Mr Corkery's classification is minimum, the most recent parole assessment report dealing with his behaviour (February 2022) said that there have been no incidents and he is making an effort to improve. Today his PCO said that he hardly ever sees him, there was no mention of any concerns.
  4. We last saw Mr Corkery in February 2022 when he was in phase 2 of the Dependency Treatment Programme. He had support in an approved address at [withheld] and he wanted to go to [withheld] in the meantime. The Board determined that he needed to go to [withheld] straight from prison.
  5. Today we learn that the bed at [withheld] is still available, Mr Corkery still wishes to undertake that rehabilitation. He told us that he has learned that rehabilitation opens a highway on his brain, and that repeating or supporting the treatment he has already undertaken will open that highway even more.
  6. Mr Corkery talked about the consequences of his offending, the absence of his family in particular [withheld], and he said that smoking takes his life away.
  7. Mr Corkery identified his high risk situations and how he would deal with them, and spoke well to his release proposal. The Board considers that with the special conditions proposed, and some, any residual risk Mr Corkery meets can be met, as such he is not an undue risk of re-offending. Mr Corkery will be released on parole.
  8. We have added in some conditions to those proposed including that he is to live at [withheld] and abide by [withheld] programme, and given his eight convictions for non-compliance including disqualified driving and community-based sentences, we are going to see him again in December. .
  9. Mr Corkery will be released on 7 June 2022, the standard and special conditions imposed will continue until his statutory release date. The special conditions are:

(1) To attend an alcohol and drug assessment, and attend, participate in and complete treatment, including or counselling, including residential, as directed by a Probation Officer.

(2) To attend an assessment for a departmental programme/maintenance group, and attend, participate in and adhere to the rules of the programme/maintenance group as directed by a Probation Officer. Alcohol And Drugs

(3) Not to possess, use, or consume alcohol, controlled drugs or psychoactive substances except controlled drugs prescribed for you by a health professional.

(4) To attend a reintegration meeting as directed by a Probation Officer.

(5) To comply with any direction made under section 29B(2)(b) of the Parole Act 2002 to attend a hearing at a time and place to be notified to you.

(6) To attend [withheld] programme as directed by a Probation Officer and comply with the rules of the programme.

(7)To attend, participate in and complete [withheld] programme as directed by a Probation Officer.

(8) To comply with any tenancy agreement or rules issued by the provider of your approved accommodation.

Ms M. More

Panel Convenor