Sheldon Toni ROGERSON 6/4/2022

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Sheldon Toni ROGERSON  

Hearing: 6 April 2022

At Whanganui Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board:

Sir Ron Young – Chairperson

Mr L Tawera

Ms F Pimm

In Attendance:                                  [withheld] – Case Manager


  1. Mr Rogerson, who is 36 years of age, was sentenced to six years and six months’ imprisonment for murder.  His final release date is April 2025, his RoC*RoI .59.  His security classification is high.  He has five pages of previous convictions involving property offending, disobedience of court orders and violence.
  2. Before we began our discussion with Mr Rogerson, we summarised submissions made by the victim of the offending.
  3. As to the facts, Mr Rogerson has appeared before the Board today, along with a number of other Black Power members who were convicted of either murder or manslaughter.  The events occurred when a Mongrel Mob member shifted into an area in Whanganui that the Black Power gang believed was their area.  He was warned to leave but took no notice.  Eventually, a number of Black Power members moved towards his house, there was a confrontation and one of the Black Power members shot the Mongrel Mob member and he died.
  4. We spoke to Mr Rogerson for some time about his gang involvement and he understands the concern the Board would have about continuing gang involvement.  In any event, Mr Rogerson is motivated to undertake the Te Tirohanga Programme identified for him.  We think this is an appropriate programme for him. That will all take around about 12 months for completion.  In the meantime he will need to think about an appropriate release proposal.
  5. In the meantime, he is an undue risk.  We will see him again by the end of April 2023.

Sir Ron Young