Aaron Joseph HUTTON 11/01/2023

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Aaron Joseph HUTTON

Hearing: 11 January 2023

at MECF Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board:

Judge L Bidois – Panel Convenor

Mr A Hackney

Ms M Kleist

In Attendance:                                  

[withheld] - Case Manager

[withheld] – Principal Case Manager

[withheld] – Stuff

[withheld] – NZ Herald


  1. Aaron Hutton is for consideration of parole for the first time on a sentence of three years 10 months for sexual exploitation and possession of objectionable material.  He is represented by Ms Clark who sought an adjournment due to her not being available today.  We have proceeded with the hearing in light of the information that we have before us.  Mr Hutton’s SCD was 21/1/21.  His PED is 11/1/22 and his SRD is 21/3/24.
  2. Mr Hutton originally received a sentence of five years’ imprisonment, but successfully appealed that sentence.  He was resentenced in the District Court to three years 10 months and as a result of that is an accelerated PED and only a partial Parole Assessment Report is available.  That report has some important information in it which justified the Board in proceeding with the hearing as opposed to adjourning the matter to February as sought by his lawyer.
  3. The report indicates that Mr Hutton is motivated to do the Child Sex Offenders Programme.
  4. His case manager was able to update us and advise that he has been accepted onto the MIP-CSO Programme with a commencement date in February.  Mr Hutton confirmed his willingness to engage in that programme.
  5. His PCO says he is doing really well in the unit and is compliant.
  6. Given all the information before us the Board declines to adjourn the matter to February 2023, but make a determination on parole today.  As an untreated prisoner Mr Hutton poses an undue risk to the community and parole will be declined.
  7. The MIP-CSO is for six months.  We will reschedule Mr Hutton to be seen in the month of November no later than 30 November 2023.  By that time he should have undertaken the programme that is now available to him.  We request a report from Psychological Services after he has completed that programme.
  8. His partner is in support.  She advises that there are work options available to him in the future.
  9. Mr Hutton also raised that he had a private psychological report prepared for court.  The Board asks that he talk to his lawyer about releasing that report to the Board for future hearings.  [withheld] will need to be formally assessed as well for the next hearing.

Judge L Bidois

Panel Convenor