Joseph Stephenson THOMPSON 27/01/2023

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Joseph Stephenson THOMPSON

Hearing: 27 January 2023

at Rimutaka Prison via Microsoft Teams

Members of the Board:

Sir Ron Young – Chairperson

Mr M Quigg

Ms P Rose

Prof P Brinded

In Attendance:  [withheld] – Principal Case Manager


  1. Mr Thompson, who is 64 years of age, was sentenced to preventive detention in 1995.  Prior to that time, he had significant convictions for property offending, violence and breaches of Court orders. The offending which brought him to prison and resulted in his sentence of preventive detention involved 129 crimes, involving 47 girls and women over a period of 12 years. This was horrifying, violent, extensive sexual offending of women and children.  In addition to the sentence of preventive detention, he had a minimum parole period of 25 years.
  2. We saw him last in 2021, some two years ago. At that stage, the proposal was for him to do the Child Sex Offender Treatment Programme. Once complete, to assess him for other programmes, perhaps including an Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme, a Drug Treatment Programme or a Violence Programme. Mr Thompson was motivated but concerned about whether he would cope with a group-based programme.
  3. As to the current position, really there has been no progress since the 2021 hearing.  Mr Thompson has been waitlisted for knee surgery and has been reluctant, therefore, to agree to any treatment until that is completed.  He is highly motivated to undertake the programmes but thought he should get the medical treatment first and then do the programmes. The problem has been that he has not been referred for the treatment on his knee.  He now says if he does not get that treatment offer in the next few months, he will indicate he is prepared to start the Sex Offender Treatment Programme.  We think that is a sensible approach.
  4. Mr Thompson is working well in prison. He has worked in the kitchen now for many years.  He has completed level 4 NZQA qualification for catering and is involved generally in preparing food for the kitchen and also cooking and has participated in the Rimutaka Wellington On A Plate cooking event.
  5. After he completes the Child Sex Offender Treatment Programme, as we indicated, there are other potential rehabilitative programmes that will then be assessed for and identified as to appropriate.
  6. We will see him again in two years’ time simply to keep an eye on progress.  We doubt whether he will be in a position to seek a release at that time.  In the meantime, he remains an undue risk.

Sir Ron Young