Nathan BOULTER 12/01/2023

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 12 January 2023

at Invercargill Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board: Judge C Blackie – Panel Convenor

Mr L Tawera

Mr G Coyle

Counsel: Ms S Vidal

In Attendance: [withheld] – Case Manager

[withheld] – Case Manager


  1. Nathan Boulter appeared again before the Parole Board on 12 January 2023.
  2. Mr Boulter has been serving his sentence for three years two months’ imprisonment, (cumulative), having been convicted on charges of threatening to kill, (x 7), contravening a protection order, assault with intent to injure, and causing harm by digital communication.
  3. His sentence commencement date was 1 July 2020, and his sentence end date is 18 April 2023.
  4. Currently Mr Boulter has a security classification of low and a RoC*RoI of 0.54689.
  5. When last seen by the Parole Board in June 2022, note was taken of Mr Boulter’s history of violence, and a number of complex background issues arising from [withheld].
  6. Mr Boulter had not engaged in any formal rehabilitative programmes but expressed a willingness to undertake individual treatment with a psychologist.  Clearly, he needs to work with a psychologist around the nature of his index offending and also what may be appropriate accommodation for him following his ultimate release.
  7. Today, the situation is somewhat unclear.  Mr Boulter has had a number of individual sessions with a psychologist, and it is anticipated that this will continue in the immediate future.  However, with regard to accommodation, despite extensive enquiry, no firm proposals are able to be put forward.  The preference of Corrections is that Mr Boulter be admitted to a [withheld] so that he is provided with an intensive reintegration service.  As an alternative, it is suggested that he engage with a [withheld] in Invercargill.
  8. The third option, and that preferred by Mr Boulter himself, is that he [withheld].  No dates as to the availability of beds at either [withheld] or the [withheld] are available at this time and it is unlikely that they would be available prior to his sentence end date, 18 April 2023.
  9. In the Board’s view there is a need for a multidisciplinary team meeting to consider all aspects relating to Mr Boulter’s current position including the provision of a [withheld], an updated psychological memorandum relating to the one-to-one treatment that he has undertaken so far, together with a projection of such treatment during the remainder of his sentence, and also upon release.  His case manager and probation officer should also be involved.
  10. As there are a number of issues yet to be resolved, Mr Boulter remains an undue risk and therefore, for today’s purposes, parole is formally declined.  He should, however, be seen again within two months, that is by the end of March 2023, in order to allow sufficient time for the multidisciplinary team meeting to be undertaken and for an appropriate report to be made available to the next Board.
  11. Without expressing any firm preference, it would seem to the Board that ultimately Mr Boulter would be best served by [withheld] provided adequate wraparound support can be available both at the address and in the outside community.

Judge C Blackie

Panel Convenor