Regan Philip BURRELL 12/09/2023

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Regan Philip BURRELL

Hearing: 12 September 2023

at Rolleston Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board: Ms M Coleman – Panel Convenor

Mr C King

Ms C Tiumalu

Counsel:                                            Ms C Anderson

In Attendance:                                  [withheld] - Case Manager

[withheld] – Reintegration Coordinator

Support Persons: [withheld]


  1. Regan Philip Burrell, who is 23, appeared before the Board today for further consideration of parole on a six-year four-month sentence for serious sexual offending against three girls, injuring with intent to commit grievous bodily harm and blackmail.
  2. Mr Burrell’s statutory release date is 3 November 2024.
  3. Mr Burrell was last before the Board in September 2022.  It had before it a psychological report which assessed Mr Burrell as posing a high risk of sexual of re-offending and a moderate risk of violent re-offending.  It was recommended that he participate in Kia Marama after completing some initial work with a psychologist to prepare him for that pathway.  The Board said that Mr Burrell was motivated to engage in that programme [withheld].  The Board said it was clear that a significant period of reintegration was required following treatment.
  4. Prior to meeting Mr Burrell today, the Board had a meeting with one of his victims.  We briefly reported to Mr Burrell that his release on parole without fully completing all the treatment he needed was not supported.  His offending caused harm to that victim and that harm is ongoing.  [withheld].
  5. Mr Burrell indicated to the Board today that he was looking to be released into Christchurch.  The Board supports that.  We would also support a condition that he is not to enter the Clutha, Dunedin and Waitaki Districts.  [withheld], the Reintegration Co‑ordinator spoke about the possibility of reconsidering [withheld] following a period in supported accommodation Christchurch.  [withheld].
  6. Mr Burrell was supported again by [withheld].  He was represented by Ms Anderson.  Ms Anderson indicated at the outset that Mr Burrell was not seeking parole.  She said he recognises that more work is required and that he does not have an approved address in this point in time.  She said he was looking towards supported accommodation in Christchurch.
  7. Mr Burrell has recently been exited from the Kia Marama Programme.  This occurred on 20 July 2023.  Overall, his progress in that programme was limited but there is a commitment to continue one-to-one treatment with him so that he is able to complete the core treatment phase.  Having been exited, he would not be eligible, as we understand it, to attend the graduates’ group.
  8. The Board has a further psychological report for this hearing which is dated July 2023.  It slightly predated his exit from the Kia Marama Programme.  Nevertheless, it is apparent from the report that Mr Burrell’s progress has been limited.  Comments in the report from him are said to indicate a (continued) callous disregard for his victims and a view of them as sexual objects despite completion of the majority of the intensive STU:CSO Programme.  [withheld]  This indicates that there is considerable work that Mr Burrell needs to do on his attitude to women if we were to find that his risk on release is not undue.  We also note the earlier mention of the need for some treatment to cover his violent propensity as well.
  9. Where that leads for the Board today is that we are far from satisfied that he meets the test for parole.  We consider that there is work he needs to do, both treatment-wise and then to engage in a period of reintegration where he is able to demonstrate that he is putting those skills into practice.  For that reason, the Board will not see Mr Burrell again until August 2024 and by the end of that month at the latest.  If he makes good progress between now and then, the Board can consider a short period of time on parole.  Alternatively, it can set his conditions that will apply at his statutory release date.
  10. For that hearing, the Board also requires an updated psychological assessment.  That assessment should address progress on the recommendations in the most recent psychological report and also make recommendations around any release plan he has at that time.  Prior to the hearing, the Board also asks that there be a reintegration hui held involving not only his whānau but also any professional supports who will be involved with him on release.
  11. Parole today is declined.

Ms M Coleman

Panel Convenor