Cyenna Diane Allimain GRACE-NGARO 16/02/2024

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Cyenna Diane Allimain GRACE-NGARO

Hearing: 16 February 2024

at Christchurch Womens Prison

Members of the Board:

Ms S Bailey – Panel Convenor

Mr G Coyle

Mr A Hackney

In Attendance: [withheld] - Case Manager


  1. Cyenna Grace‑Ngaro appears for a further consideration of parole. Ms Grace-Ngaro is serving a sentence of two years and three months imprisonment after convictions were entered to reckless driving causing injury and other matters. The offending was serious as she ran into a moped rider and the consequences for him were serious.
  2. [withheld].
  3. Ms Grace-Ngaro has previous convictions, including burglaries, aggravated robbery and other matters.  She has been offending since 18 years old.
  4. [withheld]
  5. The previous Board which she attended during August 2023 asked for a psychological assessment to be prepared for this Board.
  6. That psychological assessment, which is dated 10th January 2024, makes a number of observations. The psychologist noted that Ms Grace-Ngaro declined access to her earlier [withheld] records, which limited the scope of the report.  The psychologist [withheld] assessed her risk of violent and general reoffending as high.
  7. [withheld].
  8. [withheld]
  9. [withheld]. When she was asked about not allowing the psychologist who prepared the latest report access to her [withheld] records she explained that at the time of the interviews she wanted the psychologist to see her as she is now rather than be influenced by previous notes.  However, today she said she would allow access to any specialist report‑writers to assist in their assessment and appeared to understand it is important to get a full picture.
  10. Ms Grace-Ngaro has, on her sentence planning, the Kimihia Programme, an AOD:ITP  and [withheld].
  11. Ms Grace-Ngaro presented to the Board as she described herself as “bright and bubbly.”  She said that this is at least her usual demeanour although she can be even more so at other times.  Ms Grace-Ngaro also tried to explain her previous offending history by stating that she had been influenced by friends and had an inability to say no.
  12. Parole today is declined.  Ms Grace-Ngaro remains an undue risk as she has received no rehabilitation, has no release proposal to present to the Board and [withheld] she still remains as an undue risk.
  13. [withheld].
  14. Ms Grace-Ngaro will be seen again in four months’ time. That is in June 2024 by which time it is expected the report will be available for the next Board.

Ms S Bailey

Panel Convenor