Nyal HEKE 17/05/2024

There is an order prohibiting publication of the name, address and occupation or identifying particulars of the offender and/or victim(s)

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 17 May 2024

at Christchurch Men’s Prison

Members of the Board:

Mr N Trendle - Panel Convenor

Mr B McMurray

Ms F Pimm

Counsel: Mr Michael Starling

In Attendance: [withheld] - Case Manager

Support Persons: [withheld]


  1. Nyal Heke is making a further appearance before the Board on a total sentence of 11 years imprisonment for serious sexual and violent offending.  His statutory release date is 24 February 2028.
  2. To date, Mr Heke has completed the Special Treatment Unit Programme in respect of both his violent and adult sexual offending.  When he last appeared before the Board, a psychological assessment was requested, noting a referral was in contemplation to the [withheld].
  3. A psychological report completed in April is now with us.  Mr Heke was assessed as sharing the characteristics of a group of offenders who pose a high risk of violent re‑offending and an above average risk of serious sexual re-offending.  The [withheld] was referred to as an appropriate pathway for consideration and the psychologist identified a number of steps that should be completed in furtherance of any referral.
  4. Mr Starling appeared as counsel and made submissions in support of Mr Heke progressing along an assessment process to attend the [withheld] on parole.  Mr Heke himself was highly motivated to progress along that pathway.  He was supported by [withheld] who share that enthusiasm.
  5. Mr Heke’s security classification has very recently been reduced to low. That will not necessarily result in his eligibility for guided release opportunities, but in the Board’s view, guided release to facilitate the assessment process by the [withheld] represents the appropriate next step for Mr Heke.
  6. Parole today is declined.  We support Mr Heke’s progress for the assessment to attend the [withheld].  That will no doubt involve a number of attendances.  Accordingly, we will schedule him to return to the Board in five months, by 30 October 2024.  For that hearing, if he is accepted, a report from the [withheld], together with an updating parole assessment report is requested.

Mr N Trendle

Panel Convenor