Supporters' information

Are you supporting someone at a New Zealand Parole Board hearing? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The prisoner must register your name with the Board in advance, once they know their hearing date.
  • All visitors to a prison must have their entry approved by prison management.
  • Your’ details are not automatically carried over between hearings. Each Board hearing is a new event, and the prisoner needs to specify each time who is attending to support them.
  • Up to three support people can generally attend a hearing. This can include whānau, family, friends, community members, and a past or future employer. A lawyer can be brought as a fourth person.
  • Support people must arrive at least half an hour before the scheduled hearing time and bring photo identification.
  • Please be aware there is often not enough space to accommodate extra supporters. Any extra supporters must be approved by the Board in advance, not on the day.
  • Supporters attending a hearing must be aged 16 or over. Children are not permitted and support people need to make their own childcare arrangements.
  • The Board may or may not ask supporters to speak during the hearing. Sometimes your presence speaks for itself.