Extended supervision

An Extended Supervision Order (ESO) is used to monitor and manage the long-term risk posed by a high risk sex offender or a very high risk violent offender who is back in the community.

Once an ESO has been imposed by the High Court, standard extended supervision conditions will apply.

However, the Department of Corrections may apply to the Board to impose special conditions on the offender.

Special conditions may be imposed in much the same way as if the offender was released on parole.

The Board may suspend any of the standard extended supervision conditions if they are not compatible with the special conditions that the Board imposes.

An offender or a probation officer may apply to the Board to have the special conditions of an extended supervision order changed or removed.

Biennial reviews

Every two years, the Board must review any high-impact conditions it has imposed for an ESO, such as residential restrictions or electronic monitoring.

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